Woosah… That feels good now.

I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, but I was pleasantly surprised to the turnout for the first Los Angeles Mixergy Meetup (LAMM). The night went smoother than I had hoped (minus the live flamenco- sorry wasn’t warned about it) at Ole Tapas Bar. All who attended seemed to be enjoying their time. We even had a trooper among us, Giang Biscan, producer of Mixergy.com, who wasn’t feeling well but came regardless to support us. Thanks Giang. Hope you’re feeling better already.

Around eight, after few people had tweeted that they’re not going to be able to make it for the night, I had everyone gather around and do a quick “round-robin” introduction of ourselves and our startups. This gave a chance for everyone to hear each other out and be more comfortable mingling later.

Among the friends we had some musicians, Brendan Miranda (founder of MusicTrainer), Constantine Roussos (founder of music.us), and Rufus Philpot (bass player and instructor). Web developers included Oszie Tarula (AmericanBrand is a client), Michael Bell (who recently sold DealHack.com), Patrict Cheung of methink. Thanks Espree Devora for the hugs and your support. Thank you also Azra Panjwani of Hangout Industries, Narek Khachatryan (up-and-coming entrepreneur), Peter Akizian (my little bro), Rohit Jain of Ingboo and few others.

Conversations ranged from music to ecommerce, some SEO tips from Constantine, book reviews of Linchpin and REWORK, about web development, programming, startups, co-founder partnership ideas, vc and angel investing and more.

Giang surprised me with a Yerba Mate kit, courtesy to Andrew Warner of Mixergy. In case you’re wondering what a Yerba Mate is, watch Andrew’s interviews based from Argentina. He drinks it on the show excessively. I think he forgot that there is such a thing as plain water. :)

Jason Fried honored us with a signed copy of REWORK. Again, thanks to Andrew. The winner was Patrick. Alas, the book didn’t come in time. Pat- I’ll send it to you after I read it. ;) Just kidding. Azra got the second Yerba Mate kit. Hope you’re enjoying it. I am.

Few of us stayed late in the night and went home pass eleven.

Thanks for the good times guys. Hope to see you at the next one.


Disclaimer: This was not an official Mixergy event. It was a Mixergy fans/friends meetup organized by me and supported by Andrew. Thanks Giang, Brendan, Oszie, Peter and Espree for helping out.