Recently I had the pleasure of hanging out with few cool “geek” entrepreneurs whom I’ve never met in person before, but we bonded as if we’ve been good friends forever (No BFF pun intended). Few days prior, Giang Biscan of had invited me to join her and few others welcoming Josh Fraser of Eventvue during his layover to Los Angeles from New Zealand to Denver, CO, who had been recently interviewed by Andrew Warner on Mixergy.

Giang posted on her blog, “we had a blast…”, and yes it was. As much as it was a blast hanging out with Josh Fraser (a TechStars alum), Jeremy Przygode (founder of Impingo), Brendan Miranda (founder of MusicTrainer), and Giang Biscan, the better interpretation is whether internet entrepreneurs are forging a new frontier.

Having morning breakfast with “strangers” in IHOP, discussing programming, ecommerce, Google’s stance on Chinese censorship policy, family and more, I felt very comfortable among my new-found friends. Which duly brings out the question? Is internet paving the road to a better society?

I might be just fooling myself that humanity’s last hope relies on access to internet and specifically on net neutrality. I believe the sooner governments of various nations adopt this new technology, the closer we as species will bond better. After all, humans are supposed to be social species. It’s about time we embrace that and expand it to all who are willing to partake in the internet.

If you believe in net neutrality, then support @freepress by signing up with Save The Internet.

After breakfast, we followed Giang to a “geek-exclusive” tour of CrashSpace LA by Carlyn Maw & Sean Bonner. CrashSpace is Office Space meet Fax Machine, but the difference is the parts of a dissambled machines are not left behind on a remote field, but are reused to make new fun little gadgets. Come to find out, Sean also runs metroblogging – a site that caters city-specific blogs that has now expanded to 50+ cities around the world with content contributed by more than 1000+ volunteer bloggers. Yes! You read that correctly. Volunteer bloggers.

If you are in LA, make sure you check out CrashSpace. Don’t forget your old fax machine.

I’ll post a proper essay of my observations of internet entrepreneur relationships in the near future.