Few days ago, Andrew Warner of Mixergy, decided to charge for his interviews. He was also kind enough to post his reasons. This Is Why I Want To Have A Paid, Premium Section Of Mixergy. What Do You Think?

Being an active fan and strong supporter of Andrew, you wouldn’t have found any comments or suggestion from me under his post or on Twitter. The reason; I wanted to be able to convey my message appropriately so that newcomers understand the value of what Andrew Warner is providing. Do I believe that the current pricing structure is fair? Well, on many occasions I have emailed and discussed online about my views of what Mixergy ought to be. I will write them in a more detailed post within a day or two.

For now, I wrote and edited a parody of how I see Mixergy. I’m not a comedian or qualified political pundit, but hopefully the message comes through clear enough. I apologize for the scanty humor. I do not mean to insult anyone or any institution. This is just a parody.


If you enjoyed this parody and would like to see more, I have few more of Hitler vs Mixergy under my sleeve. Let me know.