On July 14, 2009, 11:25 am to be exact, in an “ask anything” live interview; Andrew Warner, founder of Mixergy.com, shouted a comment that pleasantly blasted me away. “I want monocat to be filthy rich!”

Watch the recorded interview.

Now, I’m not one to claim to know what filthy rich is all about, but I do know what it takes to be one; dedication, imagination, faith, and some luck. Do I desire to be filthy rich? Sure I do; who doesn’t?

Sitting back, contemplating on this thought, few important questions emerge. Where does one begin? What does it take? What must one do to achieve wealth? Sure, I’ve read enough motivational books; listened plenty of interviews; read great articles on blogs; I am a subscriber to few good magazines; and have even attended some conferences, but am I rich? Define rich.

I’ll tell you my definition of rich. Monetarily, I’m not rich. Nowhere near it. Don’t even know the feeling. In one word, I’m a tragedy. But yes, there is but; I’m rich beyond my wildest dreams. Married almost 10 years now to a great woman, the mother of my two wonderful girls. They are and will forever be, my true wealth.

But in today’s day-and-age, emotional wealth doesn’t pay the bills. As a matter-of-fact, blue collar jobs don’t even seem to be feasible enough to pay them. So what can one do? I say venture into the unknown.

The unknown for me is starting internet companies. My first two projects, both e-commerce, have not only proven to be difficult, but very time consuming. The difficulty didn’t rely on my part of not knowing whether or not I could muster enough energy to bring my ideas into fruition, but doing it practically all alone takes a great bite out of it.

From conception; programming; design, to marketing; advertising; and more, wearing many hats to run my business not only has slowed my progress, but also has reduced my wallet; however, even a puny wallet still hasn’t been able to stop it. The key: focus.

Focus has become my main motivational tool. By doing my best reducing my mental and physical everyday clutter, has given me the opportunity to better study and adapt my ideas. I still have a lot further to go, but definitely give credit to myself for achieving so much. Just don’t mention this to my wife; at least she expects cleaner office area. I’m getting to it.

Luckily, it seems I’m not the only one. Many successful entrepreneurs seem to be on a par with my unconventional methods. Just look at Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress, the platform that’s running this blog; even he seems to have had difficulty concentrating. His many interests sent him on a path from studying economics to philosophy, photography, eventually programming, which he self-taught. His difficulty to plan ahead prolonged his career choice; but out of it, Automattic was born. See his recent interview on Mixergy.

Goal is definitely an important aspect of any venture, whether personal or business. Business goals I had; but never followed through. Last year, January 2008 to be exact, for the first time I started working on my goals; building plans; and focusing properly for the first time.

The progress has been slow, but improving. After all, most people can’t go cold turkey with their bad habits. In my case, I must hurry. I must, because of time. Most people my age have already achieved more than I had mustered; I have to play catch-up.

Unfortunately, ideas fly-in and fly-out daily; and for the first time I have started to record them. Few I have placed on the back burner, but one has struck me hard. So here I am, planning, yet again, going out-of-focus to build it. So stay tuned, for I have decided to chronicle this new venture on my blog, that should give me enough reason to continue out of embarrassment to my readers. The idea is good, at least we think so; my wife and I.

In closing, I refuse to use the word hope, because I do not hope to succeed; I want to succeed! Albert Einstein said it best, “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” and Thomas Edison, “I failed my way to success.”